I’m an audiophile who believes you do not need to have a desktop audio setup to enjoy good quality sound coming from your favourite tracks.

The Vagrant Audiophile is the result of five years and thousands of dollars worth of experience — i.e. my experience, my money. 

How much?

It’s free, so far.

‘Might change, ‘might not change though, if it changes, it won’t cost a fortune.

If I were to do this and can cover the cost of a beer or two, that’s fair — If I can cover the costs of a Substack subscription, that’s good — If I can cover the costs of both, that’s great! I won’t make a living out of this though.

How do I subscribe?

Click on the button below ↓

PS What do you listen to?

Here’s my 2021 mixtape which includes recent discoveries as well as the playlist I use for my tests.